10 Reasons to Take a Class over Winter Break

We’re only a few months away from winter break and that means it’s time to sign up for Winter Intersession! The official class schedule will be available to view on October 10 and registration starts on October 15.

Winter Intersession classes can come off as daunting. The classes offered are a condensed two-week version of a semester long course (Classes run January 3 - 16) BUT they’re completely manageable. Professors know that they can’t possibly cover an entire course in that time period so they adjust their requirements and assign students a reasonable amount of work. With that said, a Winter Intersession course is NOT gonna be a breeze. You’ll still need to put in a little extra work, but the pay-offs are worth the dedication.

Here’s 10 reasons why you should take a class over winter break:

  1. You could graduate on time.


2. Or early!


3. GE classes are easier to get into during Intersession.


4. It’s only two weeks of class…

two w.gif

5. Yes, two weeks of classes versus a whole semester of class.

6. You’ll feel like you accomplished something over break.


7. Class sizes are smaller during Intersession.

8. By investing in a winter class, you could save money on education in the long-run (graduating early/on time).


9. Your professors will support you. They’re in class during break too.


10. You’ll be thankful that you went through with the class!

If you’re considering taking a winter course but the price is holding you back, The School of Extended Education offers need-based and senior scholarships. Visit their Scholarships Page for more details.