Registration Survival Guide

Registration Survival Guide

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving which also means it’s time for…registration week! Before you panic and worry that you’ll never graduate on time (or ever), read these tips to navigate registration like a pro.

Prioritize classes that aren’t offered year round

Your advisor or major’s department should have a list of classes offered next semester. It’s really common for smaller or impacted majors to only offer some courses once a year so start doing your research ASAP.

Plan, plan, plan

If could tell my younger self one piece of advice about registration, I would tell myself to start planning early and by early, I mean semesters early. The people who struggle every registration period are the people who haven’t planned too far ahead. Talk to an advisor to plan out what classes to take each semester. If you start early, registration will be way easier to manage throughout your college career.

Ask other people in your major for professor recommendations

If you’re unsure about taking a class, ask other students in your major about the professors and classes you haven’t had before. Rate My Professor is not always helpful because each student experiences classes differently. Students who have done well in the class are less likely to leave a review than someone who did poorly due to study habits.

Check what classes are filling BEFORE you register

Certain classes (think “easy” GEs) are certain to fill up faster than others. Keep this in mind and have back up schedules if you don’t get your first pick.

Try not to overthink it

Being anxious about registration is expected, but try not to overly stress yourself for no reason. If the one class you really needed fills up days before your registration time, don’t panic. If you really, really need the class, try to take it at a community college, over summer, during winter or give in to simply taking it next semester.    

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Happy registration Seawolves!