A Healthy Summer Guide

With all the activities going on in the summer, it can be hard to  maintain the summer bod you've been working towards all spring. Here are some fun summer activities that can help you stay healthy while having fun. 


1. Play a sport, or learn a new one.

Take up beach volleyball or ultimate frisbee! Do something that will get you outside and on the beach. 


2. Warm up to the outdoors.

Get into a routine with a friend or family member and try out walking in the mornings or at sunset, biking, and hiking. These are all activities that would be great to watch those summer sunsets. 


3. Eat local!

Check out your local farmers markets for a fun way to purchase fresh fruits and veggies every week. Farmers markets are a great way to spend a summer evening, and they're a great opportunity for Insta pics! 


4. Drink your water. 

So easy, yet so important. Drinking enough water every day does wonders for your body and health. Water is essential to your body, especially when you're out in the heat! 

5. Meal prep.

I don't know about you, but when I get hungry I will reach for the first thing that is convenient and available to me. Meal prepping is the best way to combat this tendency. This allows you to know what you're going to eat for the day and make it a quick on-the-go meal. You will thank yourself later for this one. 


6. Ditch the soda. 

Here's something small you can do to avoid a lot of sugar intake. Skip the sugary drink and try drinking sparkling water instead. There are some delicious fruity flavored sparkling waters at your local grocery store that are healthier for you and your diet. You can even add some fresh fruit to add even more flavor. 


7. Go swimming when you can! 

You're more likely going to have access to some kind of pool or beach this summer. Take advantage of this and take a dip in the pool to swim a few laps. Water workouts are amazing for you and for staying active.


8. Drive by the Drive Thru. 

When you hear Taco Bell calling your name, tell it that you have a FREE and HEALTHIER meal waiting for you at home. But then again, remember to treat yourself from time to time!


9. Take the stairs.

If you have the choice between the stairs and the elevator - take the stairs. Sometimes this can be like a quick mini workout for your body! 


10. Enjoy your summer! 

Take advantage of hanging out with friends and don't limit yourself! Remember that a good BALANCE is the key to everything.