Tips for Living with Roommates

If you've never shared a room with someone before, it can take some getting used to. Make your living experience a positive one with these tips: 

Get in contact over the summer


You will get your housing assignment mid-July so you have more than enough time to make sure you get in contact with your roommates for school begins. This is a great time to create a group message and get to know each other better. 

Plan for the fall

Once you're in contact with who you will be living with, you can plan who is bringing what to the dorms. Plan who is going to bring a TV, coffee pot, toaster, and everything else. You can even plan to have coordinating themes for you rooms.

Respect your roommate


Respect is key in maintaining good relationships with your new roomie and suite mates. There's nothing worse than having awkward tension or creating fights or drama. 

Make roomie rituals


A great way to bond with your roomies is to bond over similarities. If you can't find similarities, create some rituals that you can bond over! Choose a TV show to watch together every week with fun snacks or make every Tuesday taco night. Give yourselves something to look forward to together! 

If needed, make a chore list


Chore lists are definitely a huge way to keep things organized. If needed, sit down and discuss together how everyone can contribute in cleaning up. 

Keep good communication 

Communication is key! For example — if you're planning on having guests over, make sure to check with everyone that I's okay.