Book it to the University Store

Buying new books each semester is easy with a trip to the University Store.

Located on the second floor of the Student Center, the University Store offers a large selection of general and reference books, a wide variety of SSU Seawolf apparel and souvenirs, student and art supplies, gifts, and stationery. SSU's Official Bookstore is located towards the back of the University Store and is the place to go for all book rentals and purchases. 

How to Order Books

The best thing about ordering from the bookstore on-campus is how streamlined the entire process is. Ordering all your books from one place makes the start of the semester less hectic. 


There are two ways to order books from the Sonoma State University Official Bookstore:

1. Go to the store in-person the during or before first week of school, or

2. Order online and have all your books ready and waiting for you on your first day!

You can order all your course materials by visiting the website and choose from either used or new books and purchases or rentals.  Renting books can save you on average 80% when compared to a new, printed textbook.

Price Matching

"What if I find a cheaper price from Amazon, or a local bookstore ?" 


If you find a cheaper price at any of these locations, the bookstore will match that price. For more details, visit the website

Picking Up Books

Once you've ordered your books online, you will be notified by email when they're available for pick-up.  During the first week of school, the bookstore gets pretty busy so plan to give yourself enough time to pick up them up. 

Everything Other Than Books

While you're picking up books, don't forget to stock up on any school supplies, 'Noma gear and Sonoma State University stickers from the University Store!  Anything else you could possibly need is conveniently at this store.

If you're looking for a quick bite, the University Store also has an amazing selection of snacks ranging from chips, dried fruit, yogurt, Guayaki Yerba Mate and more.