Everything You Need to Know for the First Week of Classes

The first week of school can be super overwhelming, but don't worry we have created a guide to help you get through and prepare for your first week.

Map Out Your Classes

If you're worried about walking into the wrong classroom, locate your classes prior to the first week! It's a fun idea to go explore campus with your roommates a few days before classes begin.

Arrive Early to Class

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes early to your classes the first week. Odds are that there are many people on the wait list trying to get in, so go early to make sure you have a seat!

Arrive Especially Early if You Live Off Campus

Finding parking is always hard the first week of classes. The parking lots can often get jammed, so make sure you leave early enough to allow time to find parking and to arrive early to your classes!

Tip: The parking lots by the Green Music Center ALWAYS have open spots.  They may be a little farther away, but you won't have to wait around for parking. 

Don't Forget a Pen and Paper

As obvious as this may seem, you wouldn't believe the amount of people that show up to class completely unprepared to take notes. Pack a pen and some paper just to be safe!

Make a Friend in Class

Making a friend in class helps make group projects less awkward, or if you ever forget the homework your pal will have your back.

Visit the Seawolf Service Center

The Seawolf Service Center is the place to go if you have any financial aid questions, if you need to purchase a parking pass, or get a student ID card.

Stop and Check Out the Tables

There are often many clubs, organizations, and vendors tabling during the first few weeks of school. This is a great opportunity to check them out! Getting involved can make your college experience just that much more special.