Learn All About Applying for Sonoma State's Scholarships

It’s that time of year--Scholarship apps are open! Every year, students have the opportunity to apply to the University Scholarship Program. Unlike other scholarships that are often local, national or even international, only SSU students are awarded these scholarships. That means your only competition is other people on-campus.

What is the University Scholarship Program

The merit-based University Scholarship Program requires a single application so yes—you can do this! The application consists of:

  • an online questionnaire,

  • an essay,

  • and two letters of recommendation.

You can be awarded a scholarship ranging from $500 to $5,000 per year. To be considered, you need a stellar academic record, but all are welcome to apply. Awards will be announced by May.

When to start applying

You can start perfecting your application after October 1, once the apps are available online. Submit your application and all other material before February 1, 2019, and you’re good to go.

Who can apply

To be considered for a Sonoma State University scholarship, an applicant has to:

  • be a continuing or new student who has applied for the 2018-19 academic year and

  • attend SSU full-time in a degree or credential program.

How to apply

The application is conveniently available online! Visit the the Scholarships Applications page.

Making an effort to apply for this program pays off in the long-run. Think about all the money you could save from filling out this ONE application. Even if you don’t think you’re qualified enough, apply anyways and hope for the best. Good luck Seawolves!