The Best Study Spots on Campus

The Lakes

When you want privacy and a view


Studying at The Lakes is perfect for when you want to get away from the library crowd.  Since The Lakes are located towards the back of campus, it’s also a quieter area to get work done.

Third Floor of the Library

When you need to get work done with no distractions

Library (4).jpg

Whether you have a midterm coming up or just need to focus, the best place to do that is on the third floor of the library.  Unlike the other library floors that can get a little noisy, the third floor is a talking-free zone which means you can focus completely. If you need a quick study break, the third floor also has an outdoor patio where talking and taking phone calls are fair game.

Student Center

When you need to meet with your study group


Studying in the Student Center lobby is a casual and central location on campus to meet with study groups.  If you’re looking for a comfy spot for a quick test review with friends, the couches and low coffee tables in the lobby are the perfect place to prepare.  

Lobo’s and W+B

When you want to snack while you study

lobos (1).jpg

Lobo’s and W+B are prime spots to go to if you need to sneak in study time during your lunch break.  Both these dining venues have plenty of tables indoors and outdoors.

Darwin Quad

When you need a breath of fresh air

BaconStatue (8).JPG

The Darwin Quad, located between Darwin and Stevenson, has a handful of tables surrounded by a flower garden. Because you’ll be outside, this isn’t an ideal place for writing essays on your laptop or doing research, but it is a peaceful spot to read books and review notes.

Wine Spectator Learning Center

When you’re getting tired of your go-to study spot

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 2.47.11 PM.png

If you’re looking for somewhere fresh to cram, head over to the Wine Spectator Building.  The Center is brand new to campus this semester and has plenty of outdoor and indoor seating. Located inside the building is SSU’s wine bar and cafe, Stomping Grounds, featuring healthier options like chia pudding, bento boxes, salads, coffee and more.