Tips to Perfect Your Resume

Everyone will have to create a resume at some point or another in their life. So - what is a resume? A resume is a professional document that provides a snapshot of who you are: your skills, your education and experiences, and your relevant qualifications. Snapshot is key, because your resume should not end up being a long list that contains everything you have ever done. It’s important to tailor your resume for each job you apply to. It's crucial to take the time to read through a job description - identify language that sticks out, keywords that are repeated, and skills they are looking for - and customize your resume to promote your matching skills and traits throughout your resume. 

  • Your resume should be about your future - not your past! While you will summarize past and current experiences, your resume should reflect where you want to go next and what your goals are. 

  • Good resume writing is not formulaic. This allows you to highlight your skills and package your experiences in an individualized, unique, and impactful way.

  • Remember - your resume is not meant to get you the job (yet) - it is first meant to get you an interview! 

What should I include on my resume?

For students and recent graduates, your resume should be no longer than one page. It is important to use consistent formatting (selective use of bold, italics, and capitalized text), and to balance all text across the page (you don't want too much white space on your resume). We know from a recent study that recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds looking at a person’s resume, so it is crucial to use space wisely, prioritize information, and ensure that your resume is skimmable and easy to read.

Your resume should always include the following sections:

  • Name and Contact Information - full name, phone number, email address (optional: street address; LinkedIn URL)

  • Education - school, degree/program, major, anticipated graduation date

  • Experience - work experience (full-time or part-time), internship experience, volunteer work, or community service

In addition, here are other sections you can include on your resume:

  • Leadership positions, extra-curricular activities (clubs, sports, societies, etc.)

  • Academic awards or honors

  • Skills - Are you bilingual? What computer programs are you an expert in? 

  • Personal Summary or Objective Statement (optional)

Don't know where to start? Use the guide below as a starting point to write your resume. For current students and recent graduates, your education section should always be at the top of your resume.

We suggest to avoid using pre-made resume templates that are found online or in Microsoft Word. Templates are not always formatted correctly, and can be hard to edit or customize. You should start your resume from scratch so that you can edit it easily and as needed. Though crafting a resume takes time, it will be worth the investment when employers notice that your resume stands out from the rest. 

Excellence in Teaching Award

The following faculty have been nominated for the Excellence in Teaching Award 2019-2020. Comments on any nominee are welcome.

Margaret Anderson, Hutchins


Jeffrey Baldwin, Geography, Environment and Planning


Cynthia Boaz, Political Science


Gurman Gill, Computer Science


Matty Mookerjee, Geology


Diane Parness, Political Science


Tom Targett, Physics and Astronomy


Send your comments to the Academic Senate office, ST 1027 or email to You MUST include your name with your comments. Comments are due March 29th.

SSUTTD: Petaluma Stand Up Paddle Boarding/ Kayaking & El Roy's Food Truck

We have some great activities for Seawolves this week! With winter coming to an end and spring around the corner, now is the time to head to Petaluma for some great food and activities in the sun.

Petaluma Stand Up Paddle Boarding & Kayaking


The Petaluma River has twelve miles of tidal wetlands to explore. Meander into Historic Old Town Petaluma or ride the wind and tides for miles to Lakeville landing and beyond!

Enjoy scenic historic downtown Petaluma from a new perspective. Not only is it super relaxing, it is also a great workout and fun activity to enjoy with friends.

ER Truck.jpg

After you are done kayaking, super close by is El Roy’s restaurant and food truck. The best Mexican food you can find in Petaluma. The shrimp super burritos are incredible along with everything else on their menu. Their menu includes tacos, sopas, burritos, quesadillas, Mexican hot dogs and much more. Always authentic, always delicious. Thank us later!

"Handshake," the new job search platform by Jonah Trosky

Sonoma State University has made a change to their job search engine from “Seawolf Jobs” to the much more user-friendly “Handshake,” aiming to make students’ job searches easier in the process.

“Handshake has some more dynamic features and gives us access to more jobs for students,” Career Center coordinator Audra Grady Verrier said. Handshake is often mobile as well, “So students can access more of the system on their phone,” continued Verrier. 

The job-seeking platform for recent graduates was launched in 2014 by three Michigan Tech graduates who were “struck by the inequality in access to opportunities. By the end of last year, Handshake had partnered with over 500 schools and had as many as 100 employees and counting.

Handshake is not only used for full-time jobs but is used for internships and part-time jobs also. “I am so excited we can bring this much-needed change to our community of Seawolves,” career advisor Becky Young said.  

The switch from Seawolf Jobs to Handshake is in full effect and as of March 1 there will no longer be a Seawolf Jobs. The change has an abundance of benefits, but having “employers [that] are already on Handshake… creates more opportunities for [students],” career advisor Kelsey Bensky said. 

Now employers can connect directly with Sonoma State “rather than creating a new login on simplicity and remembering they need to hire Sonoma State students specifically,” Bensky added. 

With employers being one click away from posting their jobs for Sonoma State students, “The timeline is much quicker as well and jobs are available more quickly,” Bensky said. Handshake will be benefiting Sonoma State students, alumni, and employers alike, something Seawolf Jobs could not necessarily say.

Seawolf Jobs was a nice place to look for jobs, but when comparing it to Handshake, it is laughable. Handshake will have around 1,500 different employment opportunities, Seawolf Jobs would have about 300-400 jobs at a time,  Young said. The career advisors are happy “to better serve our students,” Young said. 

The only concern is “implementing it, so making sure students are aware and educated about [it].” Verrier said. Often times customer service can be tricky to get ahold of, but Handshake allows that problem to disappear. “So far they’re great; their customer service is awesome, their help desk is awesome, so we’re able to as things come up really troubleshoot with them very quickly,” Benskey said. 

With new technology, there are often issues that arise, but students can call the Career Center for help anytime at (707) 664-2198.

Another unique difference between Handshake and Seawolf Jobs is Handshake is meant for college students. “The employers who use Handshake want college students,” Young said. With that being said, there should be a lot less wasting of time, “There is no searching through 20 jobs only to find you don’t qualify,” Young said. 

Handshake is not only an awesome tool for finding jobs and internships, but it is also going to be used for this year’s career fair. “They can see which employers are coming to the fairs and they can even go so far as to what employers are being hired for,” Verrier said, referring to Sonoma State students. 

Handshake is really becoming popular because of how user-friendly it is; multiple CSU’s and UC’s have started using it. To make an account, all you need is your username and password. Once an account is made, Handshake gives you a plethora of options to demonstrate your interests and to help employers better find you. 

For recent graduates, there are a myriad of job-seeking websites out there, although there is currently no better tool than Handshake. 

Handshake is the way of the future and Young believes it is easy to see why. “Handshake is going to change how we get students connected to their career,” she said.

Career Fest Aims to Connect Students to Community

February 26, 2019 Garrett Kitchen, Staff Writer

The Career Center at Sonoma State University will be hosting a Career Fest from March 25 - April 4, 2019. 

This Career Fest is a two week long opportunity for students to interact and network with possible employers in their future. 

The fest is split up into two parts, with the first week focusing on different workshops that are available and the second week consisting of different fairs according specific to future career paths. 




The different industry fairs will take place in the ballrooms in the Student Center from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m on March 29 and April 2-4.

Along with the different booths and displays, there will be a Career Fest Pop-up that will be available if students would like to make a quick appointment to see their advisor or get their resume checked over.  This pop-up will be located outside of the Student Center and will also include business attire if needed and some activities to de-stress from the day. 

Caroline Stelzer, a student lead at the Career Center, said that attending this Career Fest could allow students to gain more networking skills that can continue to be used throughout their lives. 

“Most lowerclassmen think that career education is something to focus on immediately prior to graduation, but part of our goal with our current outreach is to show that career education is important for every student at every stage of their journey,” said Stelzer. 

Stelzer said that no matter if a students is looking for a career or not, there will still be something for everyone at the Career Fest this year. She said that as the years continue, the Career Center continues to mold the Career Fest depending on students’ needs, which will only increase the impact of these opportunities at these events.  

The Career Fest has many things to offer, from advising to networking with other employers, there is much opportunity waiting out there at this year’s event. 

Andrea Mapula, a fourth year Anthropology major, said the Career Fest is a useful resource when exploring different career opportunities within a student’s major. 

“I think it is important for people to attend the career fair to really look at their options for the future, make connections and meet possible employers,” said Mapula. 

She added that she herself has not visited the Career Center, yet she finds that they are a very helpful resource that she should have taken advantage of at an earlier time. 

Scott Reusser, a fourth year Business major, said that resources like Career Services and the career Fest allows students to be exposed to pathways that may not have been available to them before. 

Reusser recalls a past experience at a Career Fest and how taken aback he was by the amount of opportunity that was present. 

“I think that when you are a student without a clear direction, these campus opportunities help you weigh in different factors that you wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to,” said Reusser. He added that he enjoyed talking with the employers and also networking with the locals around him. 

These events throughout the Career Fest will be free for students. 

To register for this event or find more information, the website Handshake will give you more information on how to register for the different fairs and the job opportunities that may be available to you.  

Spring Break Goals

Not sure what to do this spring break? Here are some ideas to help you reach your spring break goals!

  1. Road Trip

    Take a road trip! Get out and explore, head north to Portland or Washington or head South to Southern California!

giphy (7).gif

2. Go Skiing or Snowboarding

Head to the slopes! Head east to Lake Tahoe with some friends for a weekend, stay somewhere cheap and enjoy a snowy weekend of fun!

giphy (8).gif

3. Sleep - Catch up on sleep! Not setting an alarm for an 8 AM lecture sounds like the ultimate spring break goal to me.

giphy (9).gif

4. Spend time with family & friends

Take this extra time to catch up with your friends and family!

giphy (10).gif

5. Prepare for the upcoming Career Fest and Career Fairs with making your resume stand out. Check out the Career Center’s article about resumes online.


What are your spring break goals? Let us know in the comments section below!

All the Reasons to Work at Seawolf Living

Working at Seawolf Living is equally as fun as it is rewarding. Here are the top reasons I love working at Seawolf Living:

session 2.jpeg

Gain Marketing Experience & Learn New Skills

While working at Seawolf Living, you will gain so much real life marketing experience that will prepare you for job seeking upon graduation. From data analytics, to new softwares, and websites, your resume will be sure to stand out from the crowd.

Monday - Friday & On Campus:

Working at Seawolf Living is great because you can set your own schedule around your classes and work directly on campus, plus you never have to work weekends!

Supportive Team Environment:

Working with a team of other creative hardworking students has been one of my favorite aspects of working here. Bouncing ideas off one another and supporting each others’ creative content and hard work makes this job great.


This job is great if you enjoy being creative and expressing your ideas. From blog posts to video scripts to what gifs to use on twitter, there is a lot of creative freedom and independence on projects that makes the work here even more fulfilling.

SSUTTD: Most Instagram- Worthy Spots in Sonoma County

Helen Putnam Regional Park - Petaluma, CA

This is a lovely place for landscapes, portraits and hiking. Enjoy the beautiful rolling hills of Petaluma in this serene getaway.


Armstrong Woods - Guerneville, CA

Armstrong Woods has some of the tallest and oldest trees in California. With light rays, magnificent greenery, and waterfalls, it is no surprise why it is one of Sonoma County’s top destinations.

The Barlow - Sebastopol, CA

Downtown Sebastopol is eclectic, industrial and extremely trendy. A great place for lifestyle photographs. Some favorite spots being Screamin Mimi’s Icecream and Taylor Made Coffee.


Bodega Bay, CA -

Bodega Bay is a great place to escape and an even better place to get some beautiful photos. The scenery off the cliffside views is a staple in Sonoma County travel destinations.

SSUTTD: Overlook

Do you like delicious food? Want to take your parents to lunch when they are in town? Want to try something new and stay on campus? Look no further, Overlook is the spot for you!


Located on the third floor of the Student Center with a view of the tree canopy. Overlook offers a rotating menu with various options for all things fresh and local. Enjoy a business luncheon or a casual meet-and-greet at Overlook for scrumptious, hand-crafted American cuisine.

Monday through Friday: 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.