Top Reasons to Live on Campus:

Reapply for 2019-2020 campus housing is officially happening on February 5-13. Here are the top reasons you should live on campus:


For those who have lived on and off campus, the common consensus is that it is way easier to make friends and stay close with them while living on campus. Think of all the memories you and your friends have made and how many more are awaiting you. Only in college, will you be living near all of your good friend at the same time. That is something that should be taken advantage of while you’re still a student at Sonoma State. This is the only time in your life all your neighbors will be the same age as you pursuing similar goals, ready to meet new people and connect.


No commute:

Let’s be real, gas is expensive. Being able to walk to class and not fight for a parking spot is a blessing. Want to grab lunch at Lobo’s after class? Don’t have to worry about driving home. Woke up with ten minutes until class? Don’t have to worry about being late. Being able to walk to and from class, basketball games, concerts on campus, the gym, and Lobo’s is such a convenience.

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Top Ranking in the Country:

Our housing has been nationally recognized in the Princeton review for having “Dorms like palaces.” We also have received praise from coming in at number 29 on the list of the Top 100 Dorms in America. We also received high praise from College Consensus coming in at number 33 for our gorgeous living spaces. Out of over 4,000 universities in the country, our ranking speaks volumes on how incredible our housing is. Spacious, luxurious and comfortable, you will always have a space to call your own here at Sonoma State.

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To apply for on campus housing visit the Housing website.