Summer Internships 101

Are you not having the best luck finding an internship, or do you not know where to start? No need to get discouraged or feel intimidated. This guide will help you land an internship for Summer 2019.


Step One: On Campus Resources

Utilize resources on campus, talk to your professors, check your major’s page on the Sonoma State website and look at the internship opportunities listed. Professors will almost always send opportunities to your SSU email as well so make sure to check frequently for opportunities that you are interested in, attend CareerFest and network with hundreds of local businesses, non profits and other companies that may have internships offered in your field. Make sure you have a great resume, cover letter and pitch ready to go, the Career Center offers multiple workshops to help prepare you for speaking to potential employers and staying connected. And sign up for the new jobs Handshake job’s website for Sonoma State University!

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Step Two: Connect and Begin the Interviewing Process

Apply for all the positions that are of interest to you and make sure to follow up after reaching out via email or phone call and make sure to be prepared for your interview and follow up with a thank you email after interviewing with each company or business.

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Step Three: Creating Opportunities for Yourself

If you are not having luck in this process, don’t get discouraged! There are hundreds of students applying for these specific internship opportunities with similar skill sets as you, however there are still an abundance of opportunities all around you and plenty of companies that would be lucky to have you on their team.

Start looking to other resources such as LinkedIn, Handshake, Craigslist, Next Door and even Facebook. Put out into the world that you are looking for an internship in your field and if anyone has a connection to let you know. If you receive a referral from someone who works for a company via Facebook or word of mouth, your chances of getting hired just went up. Networking is huge in the world of job hunting and finding internship opportunities and is something that is best to learn sooner rather than later.

Find the businesses and companies you have interest in working for, even if there are no postings anywhere that they are hiring, send them a customized cover letter expressing your interest in their company/ business and tell them you are looking for an internship over the summer. Attach your resume and then follow up every few days until you hear back.

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By doing this, you are showing initiative, dedication and interest while putting yourself on their radar. Even if they are not hiring for summer, the potential of them reaching out to you in the future when a position is open just became a possibility.

With this process, you are guaranteed to hear back from multiple people and even if they are not hiring, you may receive a referral from one of the companies you are reaching out to with an opportunity for someone else. Chances are, you could hear back from multiple companies interested in you and then you can pick which one you would like to work for the most.

You got this Seawolves!