Spring Break Goals

Not sure what to do this spring break? Here are some ideas to help you reach your spring break goals!

  1. Road Trip

    Take a road trip! Get out and explore, head north to Portland or Washington or head South to Southern California!

giphy (7).gif

2. Go Skiing or Snowboarding

Head to the slopes! Head east to Lake Tahoe with some friends for a weekend, stay somewhere cheap and enjoy a snowy weekend of fun!

giphy (8).gif

3. Sleep - Catch up on sleep! Not setting an alarm for an 8 AM lecture sounds like the ultimate spring break goal to me.

giphy (9).gif

4. Spend time with family & friends

Take this extra time to catch up with your friends and family!

giphy (10).gif

5. Prepare for the upcoming Career Fest and Career Fairs with making your resume stand out. Check out the Career Center’s article about resumes online.


What are your spring break goals? Let us know in the comments section below!