Career Fest is over? Now what?

Follow Up

The best thing to do after a career fair is follow up with the employers you met at job fairs, weather they have an immediate need for someone with your qualifications or not. Sending a follow-up letter or email message demonstrates your interest to the the company. Mention what college you are from and bring up something meaningful you spoke about during your initial meeting. Attach your resume to the email.


Establish a connection on LinkedIn/ Handshake

Reach out to the hiring managers and directors of the businesses you connected with. Make sure your LinkedIn is updated and ready to be viewed by potential employers.

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Follow - Up Again

Put follow-up dates in your planner to reach back out to the contacts you made at the fair. Follow up once a month if you are applying for a  position more than six months away, or if the company is not in need of someone but may be in the future. For a position within the next few months, follow-up every 7 - 14 days via email. Your follow-up emails should be brief, and should simply state your continued interest and enthusiasm for the job.

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