Tips For Living With Roommates

Communication is Key


Make sure to always keep it real with your roommates from Day 1. If something is bothering you, make sure to speak up.

Establish Clear Rules


Having clear rules is super crucial to having a healthy relationship with your roommate. From overnight guests, to dishes to sharing ketchup, living on the same terms as one another will help reduce conflict and keep the peace. This will help both of you avoid arguments.

Build a Friendship but don’t expect to become best friends

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Don't go into your roommate relationship expecting be best friends for the time you're living together. It may happen naturally but if it does’t don’t be disappointed. Be friendly, try to find a common hobby and maybe do that together every once in a while but make sure to also have your own social groups and respect one another’s alone time. It’s important to check in with one another at least once a week.