Reasons to take a Summer Course

Shorter Period of Time

Summer classes are only a month long rather than a whole semester. This is a great time to get those GE’s over with or get started with your major or minor classes.

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Graduate Sooner

Summer courses = Steps closer to graduation!

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Get Ahead or Catch Up

Taking a summer class every year will put you ahead of the game and help you stay on top of your units so you won’t have to worry about not graduating on time.

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Smaller Classes

Smaller classes are great because you can get to know your peers and professor better and build friendships and study groups in the process.

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Lots of Parking

Summer means lots of parking! No need to fight over a spot because there will be plenty!

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Study Outdoors

Pack a picnic and your textbooks and come to campus before or after class to study in the warm weather on our beautiful campus.

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To view which courses are available go to this page: Summer Courses available May 28, 2019 

Good Luck Seawolves!