Finals Survival Guide

They’re Coming….

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Finals. The scariest part of the semester. Cumulative Exams. 1/3 of your grade on the line. AND they are all happening in the same week.

Take some deep breathes because we are going to get you through this.

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Don’t wait until last minute

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Make a plan! Figure out your finals schedule and start scheduling study days. If your professor lets you use a study guide, start working on it ASAP.

Flash cards are your friend & there’s power in numbers

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Find a group of friends in the classes you need the most help in and find a spot to go study. Break up the material and have everyone make flashcards or a study guide for that section. After that, spend a few hours quizzing one another until you all feel comfortable with the information.

Make sure to take snack breaks and stay hydrated!

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It’s easy to forget to drink water and stop to eat when you’re in the zone studying, but taking breaks and making sure you are taking care of your body will help you stay focused and your grades will thank you.

You got this Seawolves!

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Remember to make a study plan, find a group, good location, pack some snacks, and you will knock out your finals this semester! You got this Seawolves!