Being a Seawolf is a unique experience. From having an unofficial school pet to a bacon statue, as well as villages named after fine wine… these are just a few things that set us apart from other Universities.

Sonoma Aroma

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Ahh yes, The Sonoma Aroma. You’ll learn to love it. No, we are not talking about the enticing smells of fine wines or redwood trees. Rather, the lovely smell of cow manure.

One of my favorite memories this semester was the first week of classes hearing a girl talking on the phone to her mom with disgust, “Mom, this school smells weird.” As a Sonoma County native who grew up with cows right behind my backyard, the smell is one I have grown to love. On a trip to Europe, I smelled cow manure and genuinely felt homesick. Don’t worry, there are plenty more positive things that make up Sonoma State that will make up for this smell if you don’t learn to love it as much as I do.  

“Dorms Like Palaces”

Princeton reviewed our dorms and stated they were “Dorms like palaces.” Our dorms are some of the best in the Nation. Some standout features are personal showers and bathrooms, spacious living areas and large bedrooms.

Bismark & Bacon Statue


What other school has an adorable Newfoundland on campus to support students!

Sorry Vegans. Statue of bacon on campus? Why you may ask? No one knows! But we have one, and that’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

Wine Spectator Building

Stomping Grounds_54.jpg

Vineyards and wine on campus? Why? Because we are Sonoma State of course!