8 Tips for the First Week of Classes

Looking back at last semester like....


New school year, new you. Here are 8 helpful tips to make sure you start this semester off right: 

1. Introduce yourself to your teachers.

It may sound lame but take this seriously! Teachers actually really appreciate you taking the time after class to introduce yourselves personally to them. It shows initiative and that you’re a great student right from the start. This can later develop into a stronger relationship where you may be able to ask them later on for a letter of recommendation.

2. Develop good habits.

Establishing great study habits, like keeping yourself organized and making time to study, will often help you tremendously throughout the school year if you start this habit right away. It only take 7 days to develop a habit, so for this week do things like filling out a planner, creating folders on your laptop for each of your classes, have an organized desk space for yourself at home, and anything that makes you feel more organized and like you have your life together this semester. 

3. Get involved right away. 

It’s so easy during the first week to get involved because everyone is tabling on campus for their club or organization. Each year there are obviously a ton of new students and most people will be out looking for new people to recruit into their club/organization. Getting involved on campus is so important to your social and academic life because you meet so many people that have similar interests and, if applicable, you can put it on your resume!

4. Leave your door open.

This may sound weird, but if you're in a new living situation it's always a good idea to leave your door open at least for the first week. Having an open door is a lot more inviting for your new roommates to come by and introduce themselves or just to talk. This can build a more open and comfortable living environment, and if your roommates are leaving their doors open then it would also be a good idea for you to drop in and say hello!

5. Explore campus, or explore more of campus.

Whether its your first year or your last year, chances are you haven’t explored all of campus or there are going to be new places you’ve never seen before. Take this opportunity of not having too much on your plate yet to explore campus with your friends! After all, this is your home for the next few years, so make it feel like one! 

6. Call your parents back.

No, you’re not too cool for your parents! Accept the fact that your parents are going to be anxiously awaiting your calls back to them to hear all about your first week of classes. Make some time to let them know how school is going and that you’re doing fine! They’ll appreciate it, I promise. 

7. Get enough sleep. 

This is important! Make sure to not go crazy staying up all night with your new roommates because no one is there to tell you to be quiet and go to sleep. Sleep is essential to your success in college, and you’re going to regret it the next day in your early morning class if you don’t give your body the rest it needs. Plus, the things you learn during the day are more likely to work their way into long-term memory if you have a good night’s rest. 

8. Have FUN.

There are only so many first week’s of school that you have left, so enjoy every single one of them. You have to admit that no matter how old you are the first day of school is always somewhat exciting! 



So You're Graduating... Now What?

So You're Graduating... Now What?

2 more weeks... For some this is the best countdown of their life, and for others the time needs to slow down. Graduating from college is a huge milestone, but it's also a time of transition from everything you have ever known. I'm sure you have been asked a million times what you are doing after college. If your answer is a set career or graduate school plan after graduation, then great! If not, it's okay don't stress. Everything happens for a reason! Part of this adventure is figuring out yourself!

Cultural Graduation 2017

Cultural Graduation 2017

The Cultural Graduations are annual celebrations to honor Queer, Hispanic/Latino/Indigenous, Asian/Pacific Islander, or Black/African American communities.

There are four individual Cultural Graduation ceremonies where you will be announced and honored one by one.

The Cultural Graduation reception is where all four graduating groups will come together for a big celebration with food, a photo booth, and much more.

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