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Math Colloquium: Native American-based Mathematics Materials for Integration Into Undergraduate Courses

Charles P. Funkhouser, PI, and Patrick Weasel Head, Tribal Cultural Liaison, California State University, Fullerton

Our project has developed and researched undergraduate mathematics materials based in the culture and mathematics of Native American Peoples for integration into undergraduate courses. Mathematics topics include probability and statistics, number theory, transformational geometry, calculus, and pre-service elementary and secondary education-relate content. These materials—both paper and electronic—are classroom ready, and are developed and piloted in consultation with Tribes in the Rocky Mountains, the Plains, the Pacific Northwest, and the Southwest. We are currently beginning new culturally-based efforts with other Tribes and mathematicians throughout the U.S., as well as broadening the lesson content domain into all areas of STEM. This work is an NSF DUE-funded project.