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CAPS Groups

Women of Color Collective

Drop in, Wednesdays 12-1pm, The HUB, Student Center

·    Join us in creating community with SSU women of diverse and intersecting cultural identities. Share and be inspired by our collective stories and experiences in a confidential space. Explore, process, and empower each other! Con- tact Dr. Isa Avila Saiter for information.


Transcending Boundaries: Gender Identity Discussion Group

Drop in, Wednesdays 11-12pm, Contact CAPS to join

·    This weekly discussion group provides a space to explore, receive support, and build community around your gen- der identity. Individuals identifying with any gender identities (or no gender identities) are welcome. Contact Dr. Andrew Kerlow-Myers  for information.


Healing After Sexual Assault

Wednesdays 3-4pm, Contact CAPS to join

·    This group is designed to provide a supportive, confidential space for survivors of sexual assault. Group members will have the opportunity to share experiences, support each other, and rebuild a greater sense of control and empow- erment. Participants will learn about common reactions to assault and the ways in which it can impact life, and will develop skills for improved coping as part of the healing process. Contact Dr. Rociel Martinez at mar- for information.


Mindfulness for Stress & Anxiety

Fridays 10-11am, Contact CAPS to join

  1. ·    In this group, you will learn how to engage in mindfulness and self-compassion. Members will become more cen- tered in the face of difficult situations and find a different way to cope with anxiety and stress. Contact Dr. Lauri Mills for information.


Pathways Through Grief and Loss

Group forming now, Contact CAPS to join

·    This group provides an ongoing healing space for those grieving a loved one or for those who have experienced a significant loss. Members will be a part of a supportive community that will facilitate the grief process through shared experience and mutual understanding. Contact Dr. David Gatta  for information.


People of Color Support Group

Group forming now, Contact CAPS to join

·    The POC support group is a confidential, safe space to explore what it means to be a person of color on this cam- pus. This group serves to validate students’ experiences, to provide an outlet for people of color to enhance their voices, and ultimately to promote their success at Sonoma State. Contact Dr. Rociel Martinez at mar-  for information.


Healing Through Art

Group forming now, Contact CAPS to join

·       You don’t need to identify as an artist or writer to tap into the transformative power of creativity.  This weekly group offers a space for artists and non-artists alike to explore and work through emotions through art and creative writing

– a non-verbal, expressive art process. Voluntary check-ins and reflection on process encouraged. Contact Dr. Kim

Cuddy  for information.


Additional groups coming soon! Contact CAPS for more info, 707-664-2153 or stop by Stevenson 108