Gift Ideas That You Didn't Think Of

Totally out of gift ideas this year? Want to give someone a super cool gift? Here are some awesome and unique ideas that you probably haven't thought of: 

1. MoviePass 

2. BlueBottle Subscription 

3. Wireless Earphones 

4. Stainless T-Shirt 

5. Hungover Cookbook 

6. Heated Slippers 

7. Breakfast Center

8. The Tasty Cookbook

9. Multi Section Divided Skillet 

10. The Perfect Subscription Box 

11. Smartphone Projector

12. Microwave Popcorn Popper

13. Lightsaber Chopsticks 

A Broke College Student's Guide to Summer

A Broke College Student's Guide to Summer

We are in this together.
Almost every college student considers themselves broke for the summer unless you are among the lucky ones who didn't spend all their money on food when you were too lazy during the semester to commit to making meals at home. Or spending it on rent, textbooks, tutors and coffee twice a day... If you're looking at your bank account right before the summer starts and want to cry--don't worry because there are plenty of fun things that you can still do without spending a dime.

5 Cheap Ideas for Hangouts

5 Cheap Ideas for Hangouts

Sometimes it’s easy to make friends at school. You spend lots of time in the same places: class, student organizations, campus jobs and local hangouts. But other times, like when you move off campus or start graduate school, it can feel like you never see your pals.

Try out one of these entertaining ideas to bring your old friends back together and maybe even get closer to some acquaintances.