Faces of SSU is an annual project that highlights Sonoma State University students. Students share their diverse experiences through written narratives and a photo campaign. Each student shares their own stories about who they are, their campus involvements, and challenging and positive moments they have encountered at Sonoma State University.

Faces of SSU is an annual project that highlights the diverse experiences (positive and challenging) of our Sonoma State University students through written narrative and a photo campaign. The written narrative and photos are displayed in a showcase with an opening ceremony, and the photo campaign is transformed into banners to fill the campus with faces of students across the spectrum of experiences and identities.

Faces of SSU is great because the one common experience of being a “Face of SSU” is being a student at SSU, but the experience at SSU is so different for every single student! We are looking for students who give a deeper look into the variety of experiences on campus. We are looking for students who are willing to be showcased during Seawolf Decision Day and Summer Orientation. This is a chance for current students who are not regularly represented, to see themselves on banners and celebrated at a reception on-campus.

Nomination Submission


  • Must be a student academic year
  • Are willing to be showcased (some people do not want to be out there)

Submissions Now Open for 2017 until November 3, 2017 at 5pm. Submit your nomination online (click). For questions or more information contact Carina Buzo buzo@sonoma.edu


2017 Faces of SSU:

Faces of SSU is sponsored in part by Campus Life Programming and The HUB.