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RSA Safe Trick or Treat

Every year the Residential Student Association(RSA) and the Village Councils host a Halloween event for local elementary school kids! The event includes a Kiddie haunted house, haunted photos, craft and activity tables sponsored by the Village Councils and other SSU clubs, as well as a bouncy house/slide and Chuggy the Bouncy train!  The residents of Sauvignon also have volunteered to purchase and hand out candy to the kids that are old enough to walk around the buildings. Sauv. Has a great set up for this event! Last year we had about 40 rooms hand out candy and the kids LOVED it.  If you want to be a part of the event, and you live outside of Sauvignon, email and we will get you involved. If you live in Sauvignon, and want to hand out candy to the kids, please ask your CSA how you can do that. It's a great time and every year we have about 2-300 kids take part! It's a lot of fun!!!!  Hope to see you out there or see you handing out candy to our little goblins and ghouls.