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Election Info & Viewing Party

Rock The Vote Special Dinner | Monday, 5-8 PM | The Kitchens

Join us in the kitchens as we do that last minute prep and education on local and federal candidates, and propositions! Make sure you know what you are voting for or against. Join us on Tuesday for our Election Night on the Plaza as we watch the results roll in across the country!

The special dinner is included in the unlimited meal plan at The Kitchen's. Guest may purchase a meal at the door for $12.00.

Election Day: Let’s go vote!

Need to vote but don’t have a ride? Need to vote but are unsure of where to go or how the polls work? Need to turn in your mail in ballot to a secure location because you didn’t mail it by the Nov 1st deadline? THIS IS FOR YOU! Meet the vans at the flags poles at 10am and 2pm for a free ride to the local voting polls. For more information contact: Asha Nettles

Election Night in the Plaza | Tuesday, 8 PM | Seawolf Plaza

Attention all Seawolves! Where do you want to be when history is made? Join ASP, Student Government, and Campus Life as we socialize and watch the votes come in on election night! Come enjoy some refreshments, company, and a night you will never forget! Keep up to date with ASP on Facebook at /SonomaStateASP, on Instagram @ssu_asp, and on Snapchat (ssu_asp)!