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A Fierce Hope: Helping Survivors Thrive After Sexual Violation

Have you ever struggled to support victims of sexual violation? Sexual assault is a pervasive and serious social problem, made more insidious by a shadow of shame that isolates survivors and creates obstacles to justice.  But there is a lit path out of the darkness: a new paradigm, based on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, that provides tangible tools and techniques to guide survivors to healing, empowerment, and justice. In this interactive, engaging workshop, Lisa Foster, founder of parillume™, shows you how to lead survivors through their Hero’s Journeys from survivor to thriver, and how to transform the conversation about sexual violation from shame and silence to heroism and fierce hope.


parillume empowers victims of  sexual violation to continue past the survivor stage and heroically reclaim the treasure of their true selves shining in the world without shame. To learn more, please visit where you can find Lisa’s recent TED talk, “Sexual Violation and The Invisible Hero.”   Sponsored by the Office of the Director of Diversity & Inclusive Excellence and The School of Business and Economics. For more info email