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Miss Kiet’s Children

North Bay Premiere! The international press calls MISS KIET’S CHILDREN: “a jewel,” “subtle but powerful,” and “tender and shrewdly observed.” In the Dutch countryside, a gaggle of refugee children, mostly from Syria, are students in Miss Kiet’s classroom. Smart, compassionate, keenly aware of the problems they’ve already lived through – she teaches them to speak Dutch, to talk the talk -- but more importantly, to walk the walk.  Trust, patience, compassion, and humor are part of the lesson plan. For a refugee child anywhere in the world, Miss Kiet’s class must be the closest thing to dying and going to heaven. The movie is a revelation to anyone who reads the headlines but has no idea how delightful, confounding, and thoroughly surprising “refugees” can be. Directed by Petra Lataster-Czisch and Peter Lataster.

Released: 2016

Run time: 114 min