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Don't You Dare Week

Here is the full #dontyoudare video!

Don't You Dare is an empowerment campaign started and supported by the Sonoma State 2017 Panhellenic Executive board. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about sexual assault and relationship violence and to lower the risk of it happening within the Greek community. We recognize that sexual assault has been socialized as a 'norm' within our community, but it is a norm that we do not wish to see continued and or intend to encourage. Every women, Greek or non Greek, has value and is more than the stereotype of just being a "pretty face." However, change must start with us and the voice must come from within. So speak up and stand up for your sisters as if they were your own blood and recognize the risk. Because we are strong individuals and can be even stronger together. So please, DON'T YOU DARE not ask me, my sisters, or anyone for their consent. And DON'T YOU DARE not see the value in every women, regardless if they are wearing letters or not! #dontyoudare

List of Events: 

Monday, April 9th: Don’t You Dare Bring Us Down | 10:30 AM - 2 PM |  Seawolf Plaza

Tuesday, April 10th: Don’t You Dare Drink and Drive | 11 AM - 2 PM |  Seawolf Plaza

Wednesday, April 11thDon’t You Dare Abuse Her Zumba | 7 - 8 PM | Ballroom A

Thursday, April 12th: Don't You Dare Forget About Consent | 11 AM | Seawolf Plaza