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Glitched: Smash Brothers Tournament

  • Student Center Ballroom A (map)

Smash Brothers Ultimate is here and it is time to bring your skills to the big time!  Come play at the this month’s Glitched: Smash Brothers Tournament! Prizes will be given out to first and second place.  SHOW ME YOUR MOVES!

Signups are limited to the first 60 people!  RSVP today using this link:

You can also visit SonomaSync, find the Glitched: SSBU Tournament Event and RSVP there.

Signups end on March 6th. Friendly play will be available for those that miss the cutoff.

See tournament rules below:

1-on-1 SSBU Tournament


·         Pool Play: 2 stock – 4 minutes – 2 out of 3

·         Semi-Finals: 3 stock – 8 minutes – 2 out of 3

·         Finals: 3 stock – 8 minutes – 3 out of 5

·         Single Elimination

·         Stage Selection: Battlefield, Final Destination, Pokemon Stadium 2, Smashville, Fountain of Dreams, Kalos, Yoshi’s Island (loser picks the next stage)