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LoboVision FAQ's


What is LoboVision?

LoboVision is the state of the art monitor mounted on the east wall of the Recreation Center. It will provide the students of Sonoma State with the most up to date information on what is happening on campus.  From events to athletics to career fairs, LoboVision will be the best way to find out what’s going on.

Plus – LoboVision comes with a full audio package so presenting movies on the plaza or watching the Seawolves battle in playoff action will be possible.

How does LoboVision work?

LoboVision is powered with the best digital signage software available.  Not only that, it can show everything from movies to broadcast television as well as provide background visuals for campus events such as Big Nite. LoboVision is operated by the marketing area of Entrepreneurial Activities.

How can I be part of LoboVision?

LoboVision is designed to allow everyone on campus to take advantage of the visibility of a large screen in a highly populated location.  We encourage everyone to submit content to LoboVision so that the campus community has the most comprehensive outlook on what's happening at SSU.