Club of the Week Presents: College Democrats

We are reaching out to you with good news! College Democrats at Sonoma State University has just been chartered by the university and are for the first time in over three years an official club at SSU! This is great especially since we are a few days out from midterm elections! So what does this mean for us? It means we have an opportunity to not only help inform students at Sonoma State about the issues, but also volunteer and make change by working to help ensure the issues on the ballot and the candidates who share Democratic beliefs are victorious on November 4th. I will be getting lots of opportunities for students to volunteer for local campaigns, the Sonoma County Democratic Party, and a local voter registration drive sponsored by the next State Senator from Sonoma County.

So be on the lookout for these great opportunities and also be on the lookout for future club meetings. There are going to be so many great opportunities for us to all get involved and work to help our fellow students and Californians, but to also improve our resumes so we can go on to the next level to make even more change!

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