Club Recruitment Tips

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Time for a Recruitment Intervention
Get Out From Behind the Table

Is your club in a recruitment rut? Looking for new members for your organization or team?  Looking for new ways to recruit people to join? 

Get Out From Behind the Table

Many groups choose tabling as a good method to get exposure for their organization, recruit new members, and to share information about upcoming events. If you are going to table, make sure it is worth your time. Be approachable. Stand up, and in front of the table. Smile. 

Have you ever walked past a table in the quad or at an involvement fair where there are people sitting and doing work on their laptop or talking with friends? That doesn't exactly send the message, "hey, come talk to me." Make conversations and meet people before immediately jumping in with your pitch. Ask them about their day, how classes are going, etc. Be friendly, so that they remember the good conversation, and tell others about their positive experience with your group. Don't forget, a smile goes a long way! 

 Take a few minutes to watch this video about effective tabling recruitment techniques!