Ideas for Trips for Spring 2015

This semester we have had some wonderful Getaway Trips and we want to send a big thank you to everyone who has joined us for these great events! Getaway Trips provide the chance for students to get to know more people and to explore the surrounding area! We've done things like a trip to the Petaluma corn maze, visiting the Charles Schulz Museum, a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, zoo visits, and so much more! We've still got plenty to do this semester (check out this page for more info about upcoming trips) but we are already thinking about Spring!

That's where you come in...we need your opinions! Do you have a great idea for a trip that you and your fellow Seawolves would enjoy? Is there a trip you enjoyed so much you'd like to see it happen again? We want to make sure that the trips we plan are the trips you want to go on so if you have any ideas please email Mo Phillips at or just leave a comment on this post!

Thanks for participating and we can't wait to hear your suggestions!