Stress Less with the Rec

Written by Sonoma State Star Staff Writer, Veronica Benvenuto
Published: December 9th, 2014

Stress is in the air once again at Sonoma State University. “Stress Less at the Rec” was a weeklong event, with different activities each day from 5-8 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Monday provided games of dodgeball where students could take a study break, drop in and let off some steam after a long day of hitting the books. It didn’t matter if they knew how to play or had never played before – it was just a chance to enjoy. Tuesday brought back schoolyard games of four square, corn hole, hula-hoop, hopscotch and jump rope. On Wednesday puppies came to play, which was the biggest hit of the week. Dogs of all sizes were there to play and be pampered by students. Thursday gave some much needed relaxation in the form of meditation, yoga and massages, in an event put on by the Rec Center’s inMotion and Massage program. Friday was piñata night with candy and inspirational notes to help get students through finals.  

 “I’m a dog lover so after spending seven hours in the library studying it was nice stopping by the Rec and seeing the dogs,” said senior Chris Pihl. 

With such a variety of options, students had the chance to do what they found relaxing and enjoyable.

“I really enjoyed Thursday meditation, yoga and massage, it was a great way to get my mind off of finals, and studies have shown that taking time to relax your brain will allow you to memorize better. This was the perfect thing”, said junior Abby Williams.

This was the first year Stress Less at the Rec was put on by Campus Recreation.  

“Turned out to be a successful event, the participation [went] as planned and a lot of people came out,” said Special Events Coordinator Wyatt Hansen.

Coordinators Hansen and Lisa Propoggia were in charge of putting together Stress Less at the Rec. Since it was a success, the event will be an ongoing thing - but with some new ideas.  The events were all completely different to give students a variety of activities, not just playing a game. The event incorporated help from a few of the programs at the Recreation like intramurals, inMotion and massages.“I wanted an event where it wouldn’t take too much time out of peoples schedules so they can stop by, hang out and have some fun,” said Hansen. The coordinators from Campus Rec said they were happy with how it all turned out because this is one of the main things Campus Rec is promoting by living a healthy lifestyle. Students tend to get too caught up in studying for finals without getting enough sleep or physical activity. Coming to the events on Monday and Tuesday allows for a fun physical activity to stay energized.

Stress Less at the Rec will be back next semester to aid students in the wake of finals week.