All You Need to Know About: The WolfBucks Scavenger Hunt

This semester we are trying something new and exciting to give all of our Seawolves the chance to win some FREE WolfBucks! Much like the “Hidden Cash” activity that has swept the Bay Area and the nation we will be hiding WolfBucks somewhere on-campus and we will release a clue in order to help you find them. Here are some common questions:

What days is this happening?
Well considering you came all the way to our blog we’re going to give you a bit more information than we are releasing anywhere else. Here are all of the dates that we will be hiding the WolfBucks:
Tuesday August 26th
Monday September 8th
Wednesday September 24th
Wednesday October 8th
Tuesday October 21st
Tuesday November 4th
Monday November 17th
Wednesday December 3rd

Mark those in your calendars!

What time will the clue be released and how long do we have to find the WolfBucks?
The clue will be released around 12 PM on the days listed above and you will have until 4:30 that same day to find the WolfBucks gift card.

How will I know what the clue is?
Clues will be posted on our social media.
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I found the WolfBucks, what now?
In the envelope there will be a letter telling you what you need to do. Basically, come up to the third floor of the Student Center to the Entrepreneurial Administrative Offices and we’ll take it from there.

How much are these WolfBucks cards worth?
Each WolfBucks card is worth $10 worth of WolfBucks.

I already won one, can I win again?
Unfortunately not. You are only eligible to win once.

What if no one finds the card before 4:30 PM?
As soon as 4:30 passes then the card is retired and no one is eligible to win it.

Do you have any more questions? Feel free to ask us on here or our Facebook and Twitter!

The Fine Print:
- Participant must be a current Sonoma State student to participate/win.

- Participant is only eligible to win once.