How to Ace an Interview

If you haven’t experienced the terror of a job interview, you soon will. While getting a job and providing for yourself is a necessary part of everyone’s journey to adulthood, it also tends to be the most despised. Take a look at these tips in order to impress on your next interview and snag that dream job:

Be Prepared: In this day and age there is no reason why you shouldn’t have Googled the company before you interview with them. Look up their mission statement, see if you know anyone (or know anyone who knows someone) that works there and chat with them about what the company is like, look into the job description so you’re prepared for whatever they throw your way.

Dress Appropriately: As much as we say to not judge someone based on their appearance, it is a very common way of evaluating an interviewee the second they walk into the room. Looking into the company and position will point you in the correct direction of how to dress, but when in doubt, overdress. Ladies, check out this site for some great tips. Men, check this one out.  

Ask questions: If this is a position you are truly interested in, then you will probably have some questions. If it’s a placeholder position for you, ask questions anyways. Questions show that you are focused on the conversation and they are a good way of showing off your interpersonal skills. Now, this may be obvious but if you ask a question, listen carefully to the answer. Don’t take that as your time to sit back and relax, be engaged in the conversation.

Own It:  If you’ve done some pretty amazing things in your previous work experience, talk about them. Did you lead your team of interns in the reorganizing of the entire office? Did you figure out a way to cut advertising costs without losing marketing impact? Did you volunteer abroad and learn about interactions between people? Do you promote or manage charity events? Don’t be afraid to share the things that you’re proud of. Just make sure to stay on the humble side rather than the bragging side.

Keep Your Focus: When answering questions, make sure you answer them honestly but also make sure that you are answering them with the company in mind. If you get asked, “What can you contribute to our office?” and you are interviewing for a manager position at a financial office, try answering with something like, “I have a keen mind that is great at quick and accurate corrections when needed. I’m comfortable guiding projects and I enjoy learning from those around me.” If you’re interviewing for a manager position at a coffee shop, try answering with something like, “I have a really approachable managing style and while I’m completely comfortable being in charge of a situation I really like hearing input from employees to make sure that everyone is happy at work.”  This way, interviewers can get a feel for how you would behave on a day-to-day basis.

Send a Thank You: When you’re going up against ten other interviewees for the same position you need to do something that will make you stand out in the best way possible. Always send a follow up note to the person that you interviewed with. E-mail is fine but handwritten is preferable. Write it immediately after and pop it in the mailbox that day so it arrives quickly. Bonus points for including an article or something similar that relates to something discussed in the interview.

Always remember that companies want to find the right candidate as much as you want to be the best candidate for them. So take your time and put in an effort and we're sure you'll do great!

Do you have any other interview questions? Do you have any tips to share? Leave them below!