Seawolf Days Recap

SSU Seawolf Days was a big success with a range of events from Big Nite, SonFest, CultureFest and much more! These events were designed to be fun, engaging and interactive to help students get to know each other, start to create school spirit, get a taste of the year to come and to start to build the Seawolf Community.

SSU Seawolf Days schedule included:

  • Sat, Aug 16: First Night with Evasons Mentalist Duo
  • Sun, Aug 17: Big Nite
  • Mon, Aug 18: SonFest
  • Tue, Aug 19: Comedy Show & Pizza Feed
  • Wed, Aug 20: CultureFest
  • Thur, Aug 21: Text Wars
  • Fri, Aug 22: Big Screen Movie featuring "Neighbors"
  • Sat, Aug 23: PULSE featuring DJ Earworm

Let us know what your favorite part of Seawolf Days was!