Requesting Facilities and Services for an On-Campus Event

Conference and Events Services (CES) and CSLIS have teamed up to provide clubs a specified Internal Request for Use of Facilities and Services (RUFAS) form for Student Clubs and Organizations. This is the form needed to request room reservations and use of services like tech equipment. This new form is more clear and asks the right questions! The new form is linked for you here or can be picked up at the Student Activities desk on the 2nd floor of the Student Center. 

Club and Organization Request Form 

Want to see which locations are available for your meeting time or event?    

Before you fill out a RUFAS form, follow these simple steps!  

  1. Go to SSU's website:
  2. Click Calendars at the top
  3. Click the Seawolf Calendar link Under University Calendars
  4. Click Seawolf Calendar with a paw in the lower right hand corner
  5. To search for open rooms, click location tab and type the room in the Search by Keyword Bar

Once you've received an email confirmation from Conference and Event Services, you can double check this confirmation by clicking the organization tab and type your club in the Search Keyword Bar.