Carma Carpool

Carma Carpooling is a free iPhone and Android app providing a convenient and affordable way to carpool with others. Carma lets people connect flexibly to set up carpools anytime, anywhere.

The local non-profit Climate Protection Campaign is partnered with Carma, the software developer, to promote use of the app across the Bay Area.


What's in it for you?

·      Earn cash / get there on the cheap. Riders are charged $1 + $0.20/mile. Drivers can also give a free ride.

·      Get $ rewards. App users can earn $10 and $25 bonus gift cards to - and more!

·      Save time. Jump in the carpool lane and fly; save time over taking the bus.

·      Save the planet. Cut tailpipe emissions by reducing the number of cars in operation


Get started!

Download the free Carma Carpooling app for iPhone or Android and create your account. Join the SSU group from your profile screen to find other Seawolves looking to carpool. Just message each other in the app to set where and when to meet. After carpooling together, the app transfers a small payment electronically from rider to driver.



Visit Carma online or contact your local Carma outreach team at: