Lobo’s new Sunday football specials

Football is back, and it’s even better. Game day can now be enjoyed at Lobo’s while enjoying a soda, beer or a burger.  Since Sonoma State does not have a football team anymore, Lobo’s is now offering to let people come and watch the games all day long and enjoy food and drink specials.

Lobo’s is located in the new Student Center next to Weyden and Brewster; they are open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day so that people can enjoy every game all the time.

With many games on Sundays, people can come and relax with a beer and friends while enjoying the game.  While the San Diego Chargers play the Seattle Seahawks on one screen students can also watch the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns on another screen.

With an assortment of appetizers and drinks to choose from, there is an endless amount of options. Students can even build their own pizza to pick exactly what they want.

“I love watching football and the fact that I can watch it at Lobo’s on High Definition TV’s makes it even better,” said junior Karina Whitehouse, “Especially with the fact that I can now watch the Chargers dominate the Seahawks.”

Whitehouse has a tradition of wearing everything blue to match the Chargers on game day.

While NFL game day is new to Lobo’s, the menu is not and it is constantly changing with five different circuits, which start at the beginning of each month and end on the last day of the month.  Having such a diverse menu allows students and faculty to try all different foods.

“I hate that I can’t always have my favorite food, like the Firebird sandwich, they only have it like twice a year so I always get those [sandwiches] when my roommates and I go to Lobo’s. The sandwich is so bomb,” said junior Autumn Nelson.

Nelson was upset that certain food isn’t always showcased but she loves going to Lobo’s no matter what.

While having a menu that changes can be difficult because a fan favorite may not be featured year round, it is always enjoyed just enough when its circuit is in effect.

While there weren’t many students at Lobo’s on Sunday to watch the games, more and more are bound to find out that their favorite teams are playing on a 50-inch television.

As 14 teams were getting ready to play and hopefully start off the season strong, employees at Lobo’s were also getting ready for a busy Sunday afternoon.

“I love Lobo’s pizza, it always tastes so fresh,” said senior Katelyn Robb. Robb was watching the Charger game with her friends enjoying their veggie delight pizza.

With so many options Robb and friends had a difficult time choosing which pizza to have but settled on the veggie delight so that they could have something slightly healthy.

Sundays are Lobo’s game days to enjoy a relaxing afternoon of football and food in the Student Center with friends and fellow students.

September 16, 2014/ Lauren O'Malley, Staff Writer for Sonoma State University STAR