5 Reasons Why YOU Should Get Involved at SSU

Are you looking to make new friends?  How about learning something new or gaining new skills? Getting involved is a great way to accomplish these goals.  Whether you join a student club, find an internship, work on campus, or volunteer in the community, getting involved will help you to achieve your goals and dreams for after college.

Still not convinced?  Check out these top 5 reasons why you should get involved at Sonoma State University.

 1.       Meet new people. Make new friends. Get connected. This is what college is all about! By joining a club, cheering on a sports team, or attending an on-campus event, you will undoubtedly meet many new Seawolves and create friendships that will last a lifetime. Your connections on campus will become the community you rely on throughout your time in college and beyond.  

 2.      Experience something new. College is a time to discover new experiences, learn a lot about yourself, and develop personal interests. It’s a time to develop yourself academically— involvement could lead you to discover your future major or career. It’s also a time to develop interests and hobbies outside the classroom. Try something new!

 3.       Explore the SSU campus, Bay Area, and beyond! Getting involved on campus means connecting to not only the Sonoma State community and Rohnert Park, but also the greater Bay Area and even the world.  Take time to explore your neighborhood and celebrate your Seawolf pride!

 4.       It will benefit your life after graduation. By getting involved on campus, you’ll develop useful skills for the future.  Employers and grad schools are looking for candidates who know how to communicate, manage their time well, work in teams, and think critically.  Why not start developing these skills for your résumé now?       

 5.       Create memories. When you look back at your time spent at Sonoma State University, what do you want to remember?  Getting involved is a great way to make lifelong memories and of course, have lots of fun in the process!

 Looking to get involved on campus and in the community? You’re in luck!

Visit the Seawolf Plaza (between the Rec Center and Student Center) on Tuesday, September 9th from 11:30am-1:00pm for the Involvement & Service Fair. Come learn about the many clubs on campus and the different ways to get involved and serve the local community.  Don’t forget to pick up your free hot dog too!