How to Get the Most Out of Office Hours

At the beginning of every semester your professor tells you about these magical few hours where they are just sitting in their office and you can come talk to them. Professors will then proceed to remind you about these hours throughout the semester because no one has been coming to them and you really should. But really, you should.

Office hours give you the chance to get to know your professor and their expectations of you and gives your professor the chance to get to know you and how committed you are to the class. Making connections in college is extremely important so take advantage of these times to speak with your professor. Don't know what to talk about? That's where we can help.

Having issues? Ask for help!
It's pretty easy to get overwhelmed between your class load, work life, and social life so don't be afraid to ask for help with assignments. Now, of course, you are going to want to do this as soon as the assignment is given to you, don't wait until the day before it's due. Take the assignment in and ask your professor for what their exact expectations are with this assignment, what do they want you to get out of it? If you have an idea about what you want to talk about within the assignment, talk with your professor about it first! It's always good to get acknowledgement that you are on the right track.

Career advice
Are you planning on making a career out of the subject that the class is on? Talk to your professor about it! They are going to be a great, if not the best, resource when it comes to career options that are available to people in that discipline...mostly because they have a career in that discipline.

Get there early
If you get to your professor's office hours within the first five minutes of them starting, you are pretty much guaranteed to be the first student they see.

Be specific
It's always good to go into office hours with some specific questions or topics to discuss. Whether that's needing clarification on a grade you received or wanting to ask about graduate school options, having a focus leads to better and more fulfilling conversation.

Remember that professors are there to help you and they want to see you succeed, so build a relationship with them and you could walk away with a great recommendation letter and a connection to a field. What are some of the best questions that you've asked during office hours? Let us know in the comments below!