Time Management Tips

With a new year here, it's time to tackle some of those common New Year's Resolutions. For most college students, a resolution that tops the list is time management or to just stop procrastinating. While it's completely normal to put off doing whatever chores or tasks you have to do, if you've made the choice to make a change in 2015 here are some tips to help get you started:

Get to know yourself
Chances are there is nothing that drastically wrong with what you are doing, you just need a little bit of guidance. Take note of what you get done and in what mood you get it done during a regular week and then evaluate from there. Are you constantly worried you won't get everything done? Break tasks into smaller, more manageable portions. Do you always forget about tasks or chores? Write them down and stick them somewhere that you look every day. Don't forget: there is a solution to every problem.

Plan out your day
Take a couple minutes at the start of the day (or even better, before you go to sleep) to plan out what you have to get done that day. The more specific the better so add times for each task if you can!

Set calendar reminders
We're willing to bet that you have a smart phone that can connect to your Google calendar (or whatever calendar service you use) so set reminders for the really important tasks. That way even if you get distracted, you'll be alerted when to get back on track.

Learn to say "no, thanks"
Being in college tends to give people FOMO (the "fear of missing out") and while you should definitely spend time with your friends and be willing to be spontaneous when appropriate, it's also important to know when to say no whether that's to plans with friends or to an extra credit assignment you just don't have the time for.

Do something you enjoy
Your tasks are going to seem harder and you're less likely to get them done if you don't have some sort of reward waiting for you at the end of a to-do list, so give yourself a treat! Whatever your reward, add it to the bottom of your daily to-do list and enjoy!

What are some of your tips for managing your time more effectively this year? Let us know in the comments!