WolfBucks Scavenger Hunt 2015

The WolfBucks Scavenger Hunt is back for Spring 2015! Since it was such a success last semester, we've decided to carry on with the Scavenger Hunt giving Seawolves a chance to win FREE WolfBucks just by following clues that we give out on social media.

The process is simple. We'll place a white envelope somewhere on campus and we will post a clue on the WolfBucks Twitter, Seawolf Living Twitter, and Seawolf Living Instagram to help participants find the envelope. The first person to find the envelope, WINS! Inside the envelope, there will be some details on where to claim your prize (this makes sure that we can get a picture of you for social media and the card goes directly into the winner's hand and it doesn't get lost or stolen).

There is one pretty big change from last semester...the WolfBucks card you could win is now worth FIFTY DOLLARS!

There are just a couple rules to know:

  • Participants are only eligible to win one card each semester. Once you win, that's it.
  • By participating, you are giving permission for your photo to be taken and used for Marketing purposes (posted on social media).
  • Participant must be a current Sonoma State student to win.
  • The clues will be released at different times on each scheduled date and the card will be available at the location until 4:30 PM or is found, whichever comes first.

Be sure to follow WolfBucks on Twitter and Facebook! As well as Seawolf Living on Twitter and Instagram!

If you have any questions, you can leave them below in the comments or write to WolfBucks on Twitter with the hashtag #wolfbuckshunt.