Get Your Sleep Back on Track

We all know that more sleep equals a happy and healthier you but between late night study sessions, early morning lectures, and all your extracurriculars, it can be hard to get the rest we're supposed to. The key is to train your body to rest when it needs to and be awake when it needs to, it won't take long!

Stick to a Schedule
Go to sleep at (roughly) the same time and get up at (roughly) the same time every single day. Yes...even on the weekends. It also helps to have a bedtime routine like washing your face and then reading a chapter of a book to tell your body it's time for bed. It doesn't hurt to have a morning routine too!

Make Mornings Bright and Nights Dark
In the morning, open your curtains to let your body know it's time to start the day. If it's dark in the morning then just make sure you turn on your bedroom light first thing. At night, stop using your phone and your laptop before bed. Your cell phone gives off blue light which keeps your brain way more alert than it should be when it's time for bed.

Work Out
Working out is amazing for your sleep. Working out in the morning can actually make you more alert and ready for the day and it'll make you ready for bed when your day is over.

Keep Naps Short
Naps are absolutely amazing and in college they're pretty much a necessity but keep them short. Roughly 20 minutes is the perfect time to make you feel awake and alert afterwards without disrupting your main nighttime sleep.