DIY Halloween Craft: Fanged Pumpkins

Get into the Halloween spirit with these adorable pumpkin decorations! They're the perfect size for your desk or to give to your friends as a little Halloween treat.

What You'll Need:
Small pumpkin (any color you'd like)
Plastic vampire teeth
Small pins (for eyes)

What You Need To Do:
1. Carve out a small hole in the front of the pumpkin to fit the teeth into. Pull out all of the flesh of the pumpkin from this hole.
2. Wedge the plastic vampire teeth into the hole. (Tip: It's a good idea to cut smaller than needed so the teeth can be securely placed.)
3. Push pins in to the pumpkin for the eyes. Red pins work best for an eerie look but you can go for any color you like!

Share the picture of your pumpkins on Twitter or Instagram with #seawolfliving so we can see!

Photo and Craft Courtesy of: Martha Stewart (If you're feeling really crafty, make a couple of the bat pumpkins on this page too!)