How to Host a Friendsgiving

If you aren't going home for Thanksgiving, you may not want to just sit at home doing nothing (although you totally can, there's no judgement here). If you've got the time and the energy, why not invite some friends over for Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is basically just Thanksgiving but with your friends. It gives you the chance to gather with the family you chose to enjoy some delicious food and be grateful for each other. If you've got a group of friends who didn't go home for Thanksgiving, it's nice to celebrate on the actual holiday so no one is alone but you can also extend the celebrations and host it on a day different than Thanksgiving.

It's important to note that Friendsgiving is meant to be a stress-free celebration so don't think that everything needs to be perfect. It's a great idea to make dinner a potluck with everyone bringing dishes that are traditional to their Thanksgiving celebrations. Making it a potluck also means that you won't be spending all day in the kitchen getting ready for your guests.

Try to make a guest list and be sure to only invite as many people as your space can handle. It's no fun to try to eat dinner without enough chairs for people to sit in.

We also recommend having some board/card games for after dinner. That'll give everyone a chance to relax after a delicious dinner. Cards Against Humanity is always a good one or you could go classic with Clue or Monopoly.

If you want to make your Friendsgiving extra special, ask your friends to bring over some canned goods to donate to your local food bank or other needed items for those less fortunate this holiday season.

So gather your friends around the table for a new tradition this year and be sure to snap lots of pictures! Share them with us on Instagram with #seawolfliving!