Made by Seawolves Store to Open This Month

Written by: Samuel Davis, Staff Writer Sonoma State STAR

Sonoma state University is opening an exclusive store for students to show off their creativity. Seawolf entrepreneurs will soon have their own store and the opportunity to sell their creative and innovative products. This new store will be called Made by Seawolves. 

The main emphasize of the store is to educate, evolve and promote entrepreneurship at Sonoma State. The store will be located on the first floor of the Student Center, on the corner near Parking Lot D. The soft opening is scheduled for Nov. 18. The store will hold a grand opening at the beginning of next semester.

Made by Seawolves will pride itself on student entrepreneurship to create, sell and inspire. The student run store will look to manage the store in a sustainable manner. 

“The store is exclusively for students to sell their own products as well as students running the store from the management team, student vendors, and student volunteers,” said store manager Justin Nathanson. The students will create all the products that will be sold at the store. Made by Seawolves is giving all students of different academic backgrounds a chance to show off their business side. 

“We have an incredibly entrepreneurial student body that hides their light under the bushel of academics.  It seems like everytime I turn around I find a student who is already running their own business or who is working on it,” said accounting professor Kristen Ely. “I’m proud to be able to work with the student team that is using their entrepreneurial energy to provide a resource for their entrepreneurial colleagues that gives them a low-risk way of trying their concepts while getting their name out there.” 

 The products sold at the store will show the diversity of Sonoma State. “The store vendors will fill the store of their student-made products. At the moment we have products from music, clothing, jewelry, knitted items, paintings/drawings, candles, ceramics and more,” said Nathanson. 

Advertising Manager for Made by Seawolves, Katie Caughlin, is excited to be able to see the doors open. “I started a year ago when it was still an idea and there was nothing tangible associated with it. There wasn’t even a logo. So to see it come alive is incredible,” said Caughlin. “I have learned a lot while being on the MBS team. Thanks to the patience of the team I have learned how to use the resources available and how to market to our students and surrounding community. This store is here for students and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.” 

It’s advised by Jessica Way, Director of the Student Center and Ely. The store is also working with a group of first-time students in a leadership class as well.

 If one is interested in creating products for Made by Seawolves this semester, email for an application or general information. Made By Seawolves is also on Twitter and Facebook.

Made by Seawolves is one of a kind. “The student management team is working extremely hard to get the store open for business. We’re offering a once in a lifetime chance for these students who have a product to sell on campus at a state university,” said Nathanson.