Gift Giving (When You're A Broke College Student)

The holidays can be tough when you've got finals to be thinking about, bills to pay, and travel plans to make. The easiest thing to do would be to tell your friends/family that you want to do a gift-less holiday time. This'll make it so that you can hang out with everyone you love without the pressure of finding the perfect gift but sometimes that isn't a possibility. We've got some tips to help you give the perfect gift while not breaking the bank:

Set a budget
Whoever you're planning to exchange gifts with you should start off by setting a budget. If they're a fellow college student then they'll definitely appreciate that they won't feel the need to spend a ton of money either.

Do It Yourself
Gone are the days of giving your parents a replica of your hand print in clay but you can still stretch out your DIY muscles this holiday season! Pinterest is a great place to check for DIY gift ideas or check out this post to learn how to make some adorable twine pumpkins. 

Sentimental Always Wins
While it would be great to get tickets to your friend's favorite band or to get them that camera they've been drooling over for months, when the budget doesn't allow that it's always good to go for the sentimental stuff. How about a nice framed picture of the two of you? Or a memory box filled with things from your friendship?

A Little Bit of Everything
One of my favorite things to do for my friends is to get them lots of little presents. They get to open a lot of stuff but I never spend that much money. I'll get them something like a bit of their favorite coffee, a new mug, a book, and a little bit of their favorite snack. I rarely spend over twenty bucks and they get an adorable little homemade gift set.

What are your favorite gifts to give when you've got to keep the budget under control? Let us know in the comments!