What Not to Share on Social Media

When you're looking for a job, it's a good idea to check through your social media and make sure that you're only sharing things that you are willing to be judged about. In this day and age, employers are looking you up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Google+ before interviewing you or maybe even before deciding to interview you. While it's always a good idea to keep your social media profiles set to private, there are a few things that you should full on avoid posting if you're in the middle of job hunting.

Excessive Party Shots
Sure, we love to share pictures from our nights out but it's a good idea to refrain when applying for jobs as it isn't the most professional thing in the world to be holding onto two red cups in your profile picture.

Most people drop a swear word or two (or more) throughout the day but when employers are looking at your profiles that's not really what they want to see. So keep it clean!

Drama, Drama, Drama
It's a good idea to hold off on any drama-filled posts while you're on the job hunt. Employers want to hire someone who gets along with everyone around them while there are undoubtedly people that you'd like to not hang out with if you can avoid it, it's a good idea to keep things as civil as possible on public social media.

Complaints About Your Current Job/Job Hunting
Job hunting is hard and yeah, sometimes going to work sucks but employers don't want to hire somebody who seems to just constantly complain about their job. So if you need to have a good complaining session, grab your friends and complain away. Just keep it off your social media.

You can also use your profiles to make yourself look good to employers! Promoting causes that are important to you, sharing articles that have to do with your career field, and cultivating a positive online presence will make you look just as amazing as you are.

Good luck on the job hunt, Seawolves!