You Interviewed...Now What?

You did it. You interviewed for your first full-time job out of college. Now what do you do...?

Thank You Note
Send a thank you note! An email is a good way to just follow up and reiterate your appreciation for the interview. Make sure you send it within 24 hours of being interviewed. If you are applying for a more creative or personal job, it's a good idea to send a handwritten thank you note as well (or in place of the email). Don't just leave it to "Thanks for your time!" though. Make sure you reference an interesting point from the interview or even include a link or a reference to an article that shows your competence for the position.

Follow Instructions
If the interviewer said that it'll take two weeks to make their decision, wait two weeks before following up. There's nothing wrong with checking if a decision has been made, just make sure you're not being too overwhelming or needy.

Take Rejection Gracefully
It's highly likely that you won't get picked for the position you applied for so if you get that unfortunate call or email, make sure you stay thankful for the time that they gave you and just move on. If you keep a positive image of yourself in their head, it's possible you could be approached again at a later time for a different position. You never want to burn bridges with a company that could be helpful to you.

Keep Looking
Don't stop looking for a job just because you interviewed for another one. It might take forever to hear back from the first place and in that time you could find (and be offered) a more perfect position. So barring it being your absolutely perfect job and you couldn't imagine working anywhere else and you just want to sit by the phone and wait for the call, go out and keep sending your resume around.